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Molly's Upcoming Litter
Exp.DOB: 12/25/21

Pick 1: Available
​Pick 2: Available
​Pick 3: Available
​Pick 4: Available

 Exp. Available: 02/19/22





Mistique's Upcoming Litter
Exp. DOB: 01/06/22

Pick 1: Joseph Wright
​Pick 2: Available
​Pick 3: Available
​Pick 4: Available

Exp. Available: 03/03/22





Crystal's Upcoming Litter
Exp. DOB: 01/08/22

​Pick 1: Andrew S.
​Pick 2: Sean K.
​Pick 3: Francisco Alsina
​Pick 4: David Miller
Pick 5: Available
Pick 6: Available
Pick 7: Available

 Exp. Available: 03/05/21

Past Puppies

One thing we provide for our customers that separates us from other French Bull Dog Breeders is the Olde English & French Bulldog Designer Breed that we call "Mini English Bulldog". This is a special breed that we have a passion for because of its unique personality but mostly for its conformation and lifestyle for our customers. By crossing the two breeds it not only helps prevent health issues but also gives the old english a smaller and more compact athletic build that our customers love due to their outdoor/sporty lifestyle and ability to have the dog in the house because of its smaller size. These dogs enjoy being laid back but are not afraid to play fetch or go out for a walk with their owner. The breed is just perfect and beautiful with its amazing blue and tan look for all bulldog type lovers. The average size these pups will get is going to be around 35lbs.  

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It is so important that when you leave with one of our puppies that you do not have to worry about anything. That's, why we have this list for you to gather supplies and supplements in case this, is your first time adopting a puppy. If you follow it then you will have no worries about the health and well being of your puppy as it transitions to its new home. We also recommend that you bring a towel or toy from its home to be with as it travels home. Or you can send one ahead to have it snuggle up with in advance. If you have any questions just ask thanks.

*For your convenience we do our best keep our website as current and accurate as possible. After a puppy is reserved its is our goal to make the update within minutes with few exceptions outside holidays and unforeseen events. You can be confident the available puppies and their pictures shown are accurate and up to date.