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Our Story

Welcome to Woodland Frenchies and the Coblentz family! We are a family of 8, Ronnie, Lucy, & six healthy and energetic children. We live in a quiet country setting of an 8 acre property in rural Ohio. Our property is surrounded by woods and open pasture for all of our animals. We have a passion for raising dogs along with our horse, 2 ponies, 2 goats, and 15 chickens. Being in a secluded setting gives our children the freedom to roam and play with the dogs to their heart's content. As a family, we take pride in performing our daily responsibilities for our animals at home. My sons and I spend quality time daily cleaning our kennel, socializing and making sure our dogs live in a healthy environment. We have a brand new top quality facility that is air temperature controlled and water proof for washing down to make things more efficient. We have no problem taking you into our kennel to show you how well our puppies are raised and taken care of.

Our family started raising Toy Fox Terriers and English Cream Retrievers 5 years ago, which we still have. We now have focused our time and love to mostly raising French Bulldogs along with frenchtons. We chose the French Bulldog because of its playful active manner in order for our kids to enjoy playing with them outside and manage their small/medium compact size build. One thing that is very important to us as a small sized dog breeder is to provide proper housing with environmental controls and an expansive exercise area. Our dogs have access to the outdoors at all times and we socialize with them on a daily basis. We make sure that they have all their shots and provide more than what is needed legally as a breeder to raising puppies. We believe in treating our dogs like family. This gives our customers satisfaction knowing that when they leave with one of the puppies they have a new family member for life.

Adoption Process

When taking home one of our puppies you will receive an up to date shot record to provide to your vet along with a two year Health Guarantee. Our adoption process starts with connecting with our customers and helping them out with any questions they may have. Once you choose your puppy you may then reserve him/her by placing a $500 deposit through PayPal. From there we schedule a good time for you to visit or set up transportation. We will always be there for you if you have any questions after adopting your puppy.

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