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We would love for you to give us a call or schedule a time to meet our puppies at our family home!

Our Story

Welcome to Woodland Frenchies and the Coblentz family! We are family of 8, Ronnie, Lucy, & six healthy and energetic children. We live in a quiet country setting of an 8 acre property in rural Ohio. Our property is surrounded by woods and open pasture for all of our animals. We have a passion for raising bulldogs along with our horse, 2 ponies, 2 goats and 15 chickens. Being in a secluded setting gives our children the freedom to roam and play with the dogs to their hearts content. As a family we take pride in performing our daily responsibilities for our animals at home whether that is cleaning up after them to making sure they are socialized and ready for a new home..... 

Why Choose Us?

     We Are Family

Our Dogs truly are family and we care for them as God's creation with love and respect. We invite you to come to visit our home and get to know us and our animals.  Schedule a visit or call.

   Health & Nutrition

It's true you are what you eat. Our dogs are no exception. They are fed top quality dog feed and 5 supplements and immune boosters that we highly recommend when you take home your puppy.

Clean Bill Of Health

We strive to have all of our dogs Health tested and clear of all hereditary diseases and issues. This insures that you will receive a happy healthy puppy for life.

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